My name is Brendan Mills, the founder of Finance Coach TV.

Welcome to Finance Coach TV where I help small business owners who feel overwhelmed or intimidated by their business’ financial data overcome this challenge and us this knowledge to assist them in achieving their business goals. I make potentially daunting financial information dead-simple to understand and implement. No jargon! Just steps, strategies and tactics you can use in your own business or bring a vision in your mind to life. I sincerely believe the information on this site will help you reach your business, personal and financial goals!
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Such powerful information, yet so easy to use! Our content is designed to help you grow your business and your knowledge base as simply as possible minimising the jargon and without the boring accounting speak.
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Finance Coach TV was designed with business owners like you in mind! I want to help you learn the skills to understand the financials of your business and implement new strategies to help keep your business on target financially.